Of course it is! We’ll give you all of the tools you need to become a professional esthetician. Our online courses will guide you through your hands-on assignments, which means you get to practice your skills in real-life scenarios. Our students find the flexibility of an at-home course much easier to fit in with their lifestyle, and prefer learning at home vs. having to go to a physical location. If you’re someone who would rather attend classes in person, you are welcome to visit our school!

Yes, the training is sanctioned by examinations that will certify your knowledge.

Students will have the opportunity to ask further explanation by e-mail or contact form on the site. We’re here for you!

No, the student only needs an internet connection.

The course is also offered in class. For information about scheduled training courses, please visit Ideal Body Academy at www.academieideal.com

Because our courses are designed to fit into anyone’s schedule, you’ll have unlimited time to complete the course, so no worries about late assignments, etc. Most students tend to complete the coursework in about 2 to 6 weeks.

You don’t need to purchase anything because we give you everything that you need.

Our online school courses are specifically designed to suit your lifestyle, as well as your particular style of learning. We offer our expert information in a variety of learning formats, including written text and visual, because we understand that not everybody learns in the same way. All of the content is split up into easy to understand chapters, so you will need to watch each chapter in order to view all of the technique that you want to learn. We also make it very easy for you to go back and see previous chapters as well, if you feel the need to go over if a certain topic again in order to understand it better.

Yes, you will take a practical session after learning online, followed by exam. When you are successfully completed your exam, the diploma of general medical aesthetician or particular course will be issued to you.