A procedure that allows to puncture the very first layer of skin. Helps to rejuvenate the skin by


They bring together a thousand hygienic or therapeutic key available to the practitioner. Food and


This course offers introduction to Massotherapy, to physiology, massage techniques, municipal,

General Cosmetology

Introduction to facial anatomy Skin Evaluation techniques Workspace and personal hygiene

Chemical Peeling

Types of peelings available Description and recommendation for each one Choosing right peeling, pre


Introduction to microdermabrasion machines Recommendations and contra indications Theory and hands

IPL and Laser Treatments

Hair overview Skin overview Recognizing Skin Types(Fitzpatrick skin Types and scale)  Laser


Different types of veins Injections vs. IPL vs. ND YAG treatments Hands on and

Introduction to Nutrition

Introduction to food groups Health Canada Diet Balanced Diet Protein Diet HCG diet Other diets

Needle-Free Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy Types of Mesotherapy available Introduction to medications and methods